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Muslim Marriage in Algeria

Preludes Of The Wedding

The marriage customs in Algeria are much centered on Islamic Cultural background. The choice for the marriage partner in Algeria can be done by self provided that there is consensus by the parents of both sides. The groom's parents would enquire and send the proposal to the bride's parents. After the consent, the visit to mosque would be scheduled for beginning the engagement ceremony.

The preparatory measures for the wedding include shopping such as that of wool, gold, and other house hold items begins. The wedding preparations last for days before the wedding where sweets are distributed,traditional music, and ritual baths for the bride. Emphasis is laid for the couples to know each other well and acquire the understanding of the responsibility after their marriage. In Algeria henna is exchanged which is analogous to the exchange of rings in western culture.

Algerians take pride in elaborate arrangements and big expenditure.

The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding ceremony takes place in some community hall or convenient place.The Nikah, in which a sermon is read and in the presence of the two witnesses and bride's guardian, generally her father, the marriage in solemnized.The people cheer and congratulate the bridegroom.


Though the Algerian dress has evolved with time and has metamorphosed into its own unique cultural distinction, still, the karakou can be taken as an example which is a velvet jacket embroidered in gold and silver and worn with kind of Arab pants known as saroual. Another is the Blousa which is full length, straight-cut dress made entirely from lace and chest decorated with designs. Dieba too is in fashion which is always made with velvet and embroidered by gold and silver thread. The sleeves are made of lace. There is intricate embroidery at the neck and bodice and as well as wrists. Blouse and skirt with a long full dress draped overtop is general. It comes with variety of colors often red green or brown and varies from region to region as being dark in eastern part to light in central, white is favorable.


For wedding traditional dish like makroud and baklava with rich sauce is prepared. Popular dishes include couscous which is made from durum wheat. Tiny pasta usually cooked with lamb or chicken and vegetables, tajine which is a meat vegetable stew too is enjoyed. Dessert mostly of fruit is also a specialty. The generosity of the family is reflected by the extensive meal.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

After the Nikah, the wedding ceremony, where the marriage sermon and the acceptance by groom to the conditions of marriage to the matrimonial draft is done with in presence of witnesses and bride's guardian, the marriage is cheered with great pomp and festivity. The guests relish the delicacies served and have a merry time.

After this party, the bride is driven to the groom's home. The bride looks pretty with dress beautifully adorned in an intricate wedding gown with excessive jewelry, and henna designs on hands and feet. She sits on decorated chair in her bridegroom's house. Then the groom arrives to his wife and they leave as husband and wife.

Though the customs vary from one family to another nevertheless they all have a common element of core traditional values , and great festivity.