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Muslim Marriage in Bangladesh

Preludes Of The Wedding

In Bangladesh, the choice of the bride is done by the relatives or elders. After that just prospective bride and groom happen to see each other in person and if both are happy with the alliance put forth by the elders then they give their consent for preparation for the wedding ceremony. With lot of zest and laughter the family members from the groom's side come to bride's home and appy some turmeric paste and sing and celebrate.This may go till late night. After this next time the family members come from the bride's place and apply turmeric to the groom and have a great get together.Presents are exchanged and family members get more acquainted with each other.Its not only centered amongst the two family members but even lot of other people are also invited into this both when held in bride's home as well as in groom's residence. The day of wedding is fixed and the terms of marriage like that of money to be paid to bride for marriage called Mehr is all decided with other conditions if any.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony takes place in a community hall or any big place where reception is hosted by the parents of the bride.On that day the marriage registration book is signed by the bride and groom, who happen to be at two different places.One religious person would facilitate the solemnization of marriage in the presence of a government official.The Nikah is where the two witnesses hold testimony to the marriage along with the presence of bride's father. Prayers are held for the newly wed couples.


The bride dress is beautiful with brilliant colours of starking contrast.The groom wears and knee lengh coat, underneath which he adorns two piece cloth one knee lengh and another pants for the lower half.Alternatively they wear business suits too in this occassion.It may be a two piece dress with an over cover for covering head.Red or other shades are common.Women generally attire is Saree or Salwar Kameez.As for men they wear lungi, a cloth draped in the lower half with shirt or knee lenth top of light colour.Many young men wear western clothers.


Western Food is greatly relished apart from the traditional ones.But if anything to go by then the traditional foods are a great in such occassions.The spices are hot and generally signify much to the flavour of it.Hot curry powders are much in popularity.Food like, Korma Rezala which is a spicy mutton curry, Roasted mutton dishes, Chicken dishes and fish varieties like smoked hilsa, fresh bhetki, and chingri which are lobster and king prawn dishes etc are popular.Tea is common, and desserts are sweetened yogurt, Zorda, which is swetened rice with nuts all this and more is a part of bangladeshi cuisine in marriage.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

When the time comes to leave, the bride goes to her husband's home which is by car heavily decorated with lot's of other relatives from her new inlaws side amid prayers and blessings.People flock to bless and congratulate the couple.