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Muslim Marriage in Brunei

Preludes Of The Wedding

Brunei, a country enjoying a high lifestyle due to its splendid resources of oil and gas has lavish wedding ceremonies. The grooms parents inquire about the prospective bride's status for matrimonial alliance if she is still uncommitted to any other alliance. After this meeting between the parents official engagement ceremony is held for commitment for marriage.This is called "Berjarum-jarum"

After this, the groom side offers two rings one is called pembuka mulut and other is the official engagement ring.There is extensive discussion over the manner is which the event would be managed and wedding date is decided.The groom's side puts some requests which are called " hantaran". Though this is generally done by the parents and groom does not have a say in it.This is called Bertunang.

The period between the engagement and wedding varies quite significantly depending upon their own planning. It can vary from weeks to some years. This is called Megantar Berian which basically means the giving of gifts which had been requested earlier. Lot of preparatory phases go in this and elaborate arrangement is made.

The Wedding Ceremony

The Ceremony is held is some community hall or a mosque.Sermon is delivered and the matrimonial contract is accepted in front of guests and all by the bridegroom with witnesses and bride's father.There is huge turn out of guests and an elaborate arrangements are laid out.The reception is hosted by the bride's side with lot of fervour.


On the day of wedding the bride wears and elegant dress a long gown type which may be white or some light in colour with prominent lace work at the border of the head scarf. The dresses have lot of flower designs and bright colors and associated with associated with fancy head scarf. This is the traditional for women. Also they adorn knee length dress accompanied with a separate lower half in fancy colours.The Nikah Ceremony is held which may be in mosque or a community place.There is a huge turn out of guests.

As for men, the dress is knee length type and pants of light fabric. They are bright and sober. Along with it goes cap or a traditional turban. Still other type of western dresses too go along.


As for food, fabulous meat dishes like Bak Kut The which is of mutton or beef,…… Murtabak which are meat crepes.. Kurma a kind of rich curry with lot of spices….special kind of cutlets and vegetarian dishes like, brown Rice and Sesame Vegetables, Noodles and Tofu, Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce veggies with cocnut and spicy eggplant dish adds much to the relishing of the taste buds.The flowers and the hustle and bustle of guests goes till late evening with much fun and merriment.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Party

After the party the bride leaves with her in laws with overflowing emotions accompanied with the nears and dears.