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Muslim Marriage in Comoros

Preludes Of Marriage

Comoros is a country which is influenced by tropical flowers and rich spices.No wonder the marriage is a great treat for the guests.The exiquisite cusine and flower arrangements, the hospitality of the hosts ensuring the presence of all the close and distant relatives,elaborate prelude celebrations all make in truly a memorable time. In the wedding festivities continue for nine days involving everyone in the family close and distant relatives. The preference is there for marriage within the family for having the wealth confined within the community. The families exchange gifts which may range from clothing, sweet and fruits and other general house hold items.

The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony is held in a grand manner in home or hotel or in some open space area.The Nikah is held, and prayers are held. Traditional songs are sung and people rejoice in their own way.


bride is adorned with an exiquisite wedding gown and bride groom in traditional ankle length dress with traditional head gear.

The dress worn by men are long ankle length piece with or without collar light in color. As for women they adorn gown like dress with an outer covering along with a head scarf. Though many opt for western dresses and women also wear full sleeved two piece suit with a scarf with lot of work on the cloth with bright colours.


The food is laced with spices.They have lot of rice-based dishes.The specialities include cassava,Plantain,Couscous,Barbecued goat meat.Seafood Tropical fruits etc

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony.

After the wedding party, the bride leaves for husband's home amid pomp and cheer.