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Muslim Marriage in Egypt

Preludes Of The Wedding

The marriage customs of Egyptians make it easy for a couple to get to know one another, if the families meet often. It starts by the boy's parents visiting his girl's house to get her family approval to agree for the marriage and reaching an agreement. The agreement has two main things an amount of Maher and a valuable jewelry gift, called Shabka, given by the boy to the girl. The value of this gift depends on the financial and social standing of the boy's family. After completing all the formalities, the date for the engagement party is fixed. After the house of the new family becomes ready with new furniture, the two families fix a date for the wedding party. The night before wedding day, the relatives, friends and neighbors get together to celebrate "the Henna Night". The hands and feet of the bride are colored with rich henna color.

The Wedding Ceremony

The next day, the marriage contract is signed and registered either at the Mosque or bride's home. After sunset, the wedding party begins with great feast.There is lot of traditional singing and drums and partying.With the layout of traditional carpets and decorations with tea and traditional sweets.


Women wear long loose garments kind of galabeya covering arms and shoulders , with various designs imprinted on them.Over it an outer garment. Along with it goes scarf for head. Men wear long flowing robes which are in general with or without headgear or typical egyptian cap. Though many young men wear western dress also.


Regarding food, the list is unending, egyptians relish foods such as dry pastry fingers with meat filling, feta and lamb stuffed grapes leaves,kebab hella stewed meat and so on. After the party the bride is blessed by the elders and marks the end of the ceremony. Mostly the next day, party is given by the bridegrooms side with endless list of dishes and so on.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceemony

The Wedding Party goes on for a considerable time with so much of fun and festivity.Then a time comes for the bride to take a leave.The new household of her husband welcomes her with amid rejoicing and blessing for entering into a new phase of life. Egyptian marriage goes with lot of fun and festivity but with soberness and dignity.