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Muslim Marriage in indonesia

Preludes Of The Wedding

Indonesia which is predominantly a Muslim country has varied cultural customs and traditions each depending upon the area. The marriage is solemnized both under the government official and religious officiator.

The elders have their say in the prospective groom's life partner. Response over the elders' decision is expected from the groom. After the mutual consent of the two families the prospective bride is expected to state her feelings over the alliance. If the things proceed with positivism, then a mediator facilitates the marriage by sending proposal to the family of the bride. The family of the groom visits for a get-together and lays proposal in a customary manner and the ceremony marks with refreshments .Gifts are important from groom's family side and if the bride's family is financially richer then they are inquired of the gifts which they would like to receive. In the engagement ceremony, the Quran is recited and cleansing ceremony is performed.

For the wedding the bride is prepared with exquisite jewellery and makeup. The women folk preside over this preparatory phase of wedding with elaborate arrangements.

The Wedding Ceremony

The Nikah ceremony where the culmination of wedding to its validation,is conducted by a senior person generally an Imam. Typically in stark contrast to the various social customs among the Bugis, this "Nikah" ceremony where sermon is recited and acceptance of the alliance by the bridegroom aloud with the conditions of the matrimonial draft, is not attended by the groom's parents. In Northern Sumatra, the bride's family welcomes the groom with poetry for the ceremony to commence in their place.


In Bali, the groom adorns sword on his wedding, though inspite of this business suits too may be worn in such occasions.

Generally elegant business suits for wedding ceremony are worn by men or general western clothes too go quite well. Women were loose fitting shirts with full sleeves generally and a traditional lower garment and scarf. More traditional dress for Indonesian men would comprise of a coat with fancy lower wear to go with and a typical Indonesian cap.


The food of Indonesia is worth relishing. Elaborate cuisine has a diverse variety to offer to the guests. Rice and noodles like Nasi Goreng which is Indonesian fried rice, beef and lamb in the form of barbeque of chicken or beef given with salad and along with rice. Fish dish which is that spicy kind dish , vegetable dish like mixed vegetable dish of coconut, side dishes like Sambal Goreng Telor which is Indonesian egg dish served with meal, desserts of rice like nasi goreng balls, soups etc too are all time favorites and relished in these occasions.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

The hosts expect huge turnout of guests and all among the kith and kins in family besides usual guests having being invited. The wedding is held with grandiose of vigor and excitement and bride is then departed with the blessings of all the elders and friends.

Many couples soon prefer to go to hajj after the marriage .