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Muslim Marriages in Malay

Preludes Of The Wedding

The pre-wedding meeting takes place between the bride's and the groom's parents where the dowry or Maher as well as the date of the solemnization is discussed. The berinai (henna application) ceremony is held prior to the wedding. The bride's palms and feet are 'decorated' with elaborate henna patterns.
Marriage is a contract, and the Muslim Marriages effectively forges the union.

The Wedding Ceremony

The solemnization is normally presided by a kadhi, a religious official of the Syariat (Shariat) Court. The akad Muslim Marriages ceremony is in effect a verbal contract between the bride's father and the groom. It marks the new responsibility of the groom to care for his bride.
There is clear distinction between the mas kahwin and the hantaran (dowry). The small sum of the mas kahwin is to ensure that even poor people could marry, for marriage is encouraged for all healthy Muslims. The istiadat hantar belanja (sending of dowry and gifts) and upacara akad Muslim Marriages (solemnization) often take place at the bride's place.
The solemnization is usually conducted by the kadhi (marriage official) in front of witnesses after both partners are asked separately if they consent to the marriage.
Gifts of clothes, toiletries and even prayer mats (to signify their adherence to the religion) are presented in intricate boxes or forms known as gubahan.Guests are invited to feast on Sunday. It also enables the guests to view the bridal chamber and the bersanding (sitting in state) ceremony often held in the pengantin's (bride/groom) home. Guests are presented with a bunga telur each.
. The egg symbolizes a fertile union and the hope that the marriage will produce many children.
The arrival of the groom is heralded by the hadrah troupe. This group, of mostly teenagers, will beat the kompang (hand drums) and sing Quranic verses and good wishes. The groom is often flanked by bunga manggar (palm blossoms) carriers and a busload of relatives and friends. The mak andam (beautician) as well as members of the bride's family waylay the groom and ask for an 'entrance fee'. Relatives sprinkle petals and rice (fertility symbols) on the couple seated on the 'throne'.


The men attire in Baju Melayu.whihc long-sleeved shirt worn over a pair of trousers of matching material and colour.Also a Baju Melayu suit (Shirt and trouser), is also worn.This is a short wrapping cloth called sarung whic is wrapped in the lower garment.It is usually colourful and even made of gold-thread kind of material worn over pants. Women wear something like loose tunic which is worn over a long skirt.Nowadays even western wear is attired but accompanied with scarf.Some kind of loose and top and lower wear which covers hands and shoulders.


Malay food has basic element called Belacan.Fermentation of tiny Shrimp is then cured with salt, sun-dried and formed into a small brick or cake.This adds an extra flavour to the vegetable dishes.They have lot of unique ingredients.Widely cherished dishes are,onde onde,which are coconut poppers, small round balls made from glutinous rice flour with pandan leaves essence, filled with palm sugar and rolled in fresh grated coconut.Besides,Steamed coconut Pudding, made of rice flour,sago flour and coconut milk cooked by steaming.Black rice pudding are some of the specialities in marriage.

Conclusion Of Wedding The Ceremony

The time comes after great festivity and much celebration for the bride to leave for her husband's home.The people bless and the bride leaves for her husband' home with traditional welcoming into her new house.