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Quotable quotes on Happy Marriage

  • 'My wife has a terrible memory; she remembers everything'
  • 'Good humour sometimes wins battles that force and reason lose'
  • 'Patience is the ability to count down before blasting off'
  • 'Spouses have a keen sense of humour; the more you humour them the better they like it.'
  • 'We have to learn to be our best friends, for we fall too easily into the trap of being our worst enemies'.
  • 'Matrimonial indigestion is something; we marry that doesn't agree with us.'
  • 'Love at first sight is about as reliable as a Doctor's diagnosis at first handshake.'
  • 'When a wife is not talking to her husband she is trying to tell him something'.
  • 'Discussion is an exchange of intelligence; argument is an exchange of ignorance.'
  • 'A good mother is not a person to lean on but one who makes learning unnecessary'.
  • 'The philosopher, who said that work well done never needs doing again, never lived with an untidy spouse or children'.
  • 'Happiness is getting the tissue out of the box before you sneeze.'