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Muslim Marriages in Morocco

Preludes Of The Wedding

In Morroco the marriage event is supervised by elders of the family of the groom who look and send proposal for bride's hand in marriage for the prospective groom. This is generally is done by the parents. Nevertheless the groom still chooses his prospective bride in many cases nowadays.

Though the basic format of having minimum two witnesses for marriage apart from bride's father or guardian, putting of other matrimonial conditions, all is done, but as far as the celebration and cuisine and tradition is concerned its uniquely identifies itself.

Nearly a week before before the actual wedding takes place the groom's parents send gift to the bride's family members in the form of perfume , gold jewelry, clothing and such. Also soon just a few days after this, the would be home of the prospective couple is furnished beforehand with relevant amenities .There is a kitty party in which couch, carpet, bedding and blanket and such things are given for the apartment in which the couples would dwell.

Before the wedding, a ceremony for the bride for purifying her by some sort of milk bath is held . Female attendants generally who are married supervise the event.The bride is dressed up in richly decorated wedding dress generally white in colour.She wears heavy jewelry and puts on extensive make up.

At night before the weeding henna is put on her hands and feet, with all fun merriment. She is also imparted some advice meant for her married life by the elder women. She is put behind a curtain signifying her change in life after marriage.

The Wedding Ceremony

During the wedding elaborate arrangements are made with extensive cuisine anticipating even the unexpected guests. In the end, the bride groom are led into the chamber.


Men wear suits usually and women their best caftans made out of delicate laces and often intricately beaded.The bride is dressed in white colour wedding gown or of other vivid colours.


Green tea with mint is a specialty, in food, Fresh Couscous with vegetables and chickpeas is a specialty is main recipe. Soups, special sandwich and bread baken in special oven are some of the specialities.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

The Party goes on and then time time comes for the party to end.The groom and bride then depart together to lead into new home.The start of new life begins with prayers and well wishes.