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When is the right age to marry in Islam

By nature man does not live alone. In fact he is destined not to live alone.Hazrat Adam Alayhis Salaam when created was not left to live alone. The Holy Quran says: O men fear Allah Who has created you out of one soul and out of that he created his spouse and from them both have multiplied man and woman in great numbers.

The Quran indicates that in these ties of love and compassion as are ingrained in both the spouses, lays the Islamic ideal of marriage. For it provides not only a means of multiplying the human race but it also saves the married couple from wasting their time and energies in rival activities and contributes considerably to their spiritual advancement. From this and also other injunctions we gather that marriage is a sacred duty.

Our Prophet has said: When he attains maturity let him be married. If he attains maturity and his father does not get him married then he commits a sin, his sin will fall upon his father.

When a parent feels that his children are of marriageable age and can bear the responsibilities of a family, they should get them married. The age may vary in different individuals. But the average age for a boy will be approximately 20 and in the girl approximately 17.