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Islam Encourages Marriage

In view of the great importance and excellence of marriage boys and girls are encouraged to get married .The Quran mentions this in these words: Arrange marriages between the single man and woman among you who are virtuous. If they be poor Allah will provides means for them out of his bounty and those that cannot find a mate should keep themselves chaste, till Allah provides for them with means out of his grace.

In the UK there has been an emergence of Muslim Marriage Events these events are aimed at encouraging the next generation Muslims to marry and seek a halal route in a mainly non Muslim society. These events were first initiated by Masjid committee members, as they perceived that the new generation of Muslims in the UK were struggling to find marriage partners.

The main objective is that Muslims should ensure that none in society remains unmarried and people of the house, friends and neighbors all should take necessary interest in the matter. This instruction is firstly for the parents of both the girl and the boy. The former should not reject a pious and virtuous suitor merely because he happens to be poor. Similarly the boy's parent should not go on postponing his marriage because he is not yet earning enough.

Marriage is a very serious matter and life-long partnership. It should not be taken lightly and settled in the dark. Correct information of the girl and boy can be obtained through trustworthy persons. Care should however be taken that it does not cause annoyance or inconvenience to the family involved.

The foremost qualification of the bride is as the holy Quran says: Marry such woman as seen good to you. It appears that the bridegroom should exercise greatest caution and consideration. A woman may be married for four reasons: for her wealth, her status, her beauty and her piety. So try to get one who is religious and prosperous. Our Prophet exhorts his followers to make religious piety the first criterion of choice of woman. If a man acquires piety and abstinence, it is mostly due to a virtuous wife who in the words of Rasulullah is the best object of benefit of the world.