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Making Muslim Marriage Public

Marriage is a declaration by the marrying couple that they have united in wedlock and that they have united in a wedlock and that they want the public to know this fact about them in order that they want the public to know this fact about them in order that they may in future be treated as such for all social purposes. Our Prophet strongly urged his companions to publicize their marriages and at least to have two witnesses. To publicize a marriage means that it should be performed in public among relatives and friends gathered at the time of the marriage ceremony. According to Islam a noble and chaste way of declaring a marriage is that the Nikah be performed in a Masjid after a Farz Namaaz.It is preferable to perform the Nikah on a Friday after the Asr Namaaz.In this way the blessing of the place as well as the time can be attained. The Nikah should be performed by an Aalim or pious person.

Witnesses in Muslim Marriages:
The Islamic law requires that a marriage cannot be contracted without the presence of a at least two male witnesses or one male and two females. They must be sane adult Muslims. Evidence is an essential condition for marriage. Prophet condemned marriages without witnesses. Without the two witnesses a marriage ceremony is void. Thus the Nikah should not be made secretly. The difference between Nikah (marriage) and adultery is that fornication is committed secretly while marriage is done openly.

Mehr (Dowry) in Muslim Marriages:
Mehr forms an important part of the marriage contract. It is the dowry given by the husband to his wife at the time of the marriage ceremony. It is enjoined by the Islamic law in the following words: And give them their dowry willingly to women as an obligation but if they of their own remit a portion of the dowry, you may enjoy it with pleasure. There are no hard rules regarding the amount of Mehr in the Quran and Sunnah.The actual amount is determined by the social and financial position of the man and the wish of the bride. Our Prophet has said: The marriage which produces the most blessings is that which involves the least burden. This shows that no unnecessary difficulties should be created in respect of marriage. The parents of the girl should not demand anything beyond the financial and social position of the husband nor the parents of the boy anything beyond the resources of the girls' family. No extra burden in the form of loan for the marriage ceremony should be created. This is unnecessary and Islam does not require this sort of marriage in which the gifts or feasts create burden and inconvenience for the families of the married couple.

Walimah in Muslim Marriages:
To be married to a woman of one's liking is a great favor of Allah and a matter of rejoicing.Walimah is an outward expression of the feelings of gratitude and pleasure. This meal clearly places marriage on a higher footing giving expression to the matrimonial relationship before the public. This also implies great honor and prestige for the wife and her family. By spending his money and inviting people to meal, the husband proves that he holds his relationship in great esteem. Such ceremonies also help in joining many families together and thereby strengthening the ties of relationship. This also in a way encourages generosity and curbs miserliness.Infact the Walimah has great significance in the culture and training of the self and also a relation with benevolence (ihsaan).It is therefore necessary for Prophet to maintain this act and encourage people to celebrate their marriages with a walimah feast. However he disliked the unnecessary decoration and show by which people try to make such ceremonies a means of pride, glory and nobility. He said: If two people give a party to surpass each other as a way of pride their food should not be consumed.