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Sending the Proposal and Nikah

If the intention for proposing is made, then accordingly one should make wudhu (ablution) and perform four Rakaats of Nafl Namaaz. The first two should be for Salaatul Hajaat (seeking Allah's help) and other two for Salaatul Istikhaarah( seeking Allah's guidance). For proposing there is no special or prescribed method. This is only an agreement between the parents of the boy and the girl. The agreement can be concluded by verbal discussions or through correspondence or through any other means. The acceptance of a proposal is a type of agreement and promise. As far as possible this agreement should be upheld and accomplished. Thereafter the date of the Nikah should be set. The sooner the Nikah the better and more advantageous it will be for the couple and the families. In setting the date one should desist from wrong customs which are prevalent. Then in accordance with the date set for the Nikah in the presence of relatives and friends Nikah should be performed. Care should be taken that one proposal should not be made upon another.

Nikah is a Sunnat so that better a person's intentions the more reward will he receive.
One should not forget that:

  • To get married is a Sunnat of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.If a person practices on a Sunnat he will be rewarded.
  • By Nikah a person saves himself from committing sin.
  • By means of Nikah, a person's lust is kept under control. His thoughts are controlled.
  • A married man receives more reward for his Ibadaht (worship) in comparison to an unmarried man. An intention can be made that one will receive more reward.
  • A married man will be blessed with pious children.
  • Through Nikah the children born will be means of addition to the Ummat of the Prophet.