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Requirements of Muslim Marriage

Once a boy becomes of the age than the preferable way to get him married is firstly to know his opinion about marriage, if he declines to give his opinion then through his friends his feelings should be determined. If the girl in whom he has an interest becomes known then the parents of the boy should look at the general condition and piety of both the girl and her family. If these are favorable to an Islamic code of life then the marriage should be accomplished.

Consent: One of the primary and fundamental factors of a happy and successful marriage is that it be contracted with mutual consent and agreement. If the boy or girl have not given their consent and tied in marriage by force then the seeds of dispute and dissension are sown in their marriage. Such a marriage is neither lawful in the sight of Allah nor conducive to the happiness and pleasure of the married couple. It is therefore absolutely necessary and vital that the couple to be married must be consulted and their willing consent is obtained before their marriage. This is the law of the Shariat which is most appropriate and reasonable in respecting the person's dignity and honor of the woman. It is the best way to preserve and develop happy and peaceful relationships in a family.

Kafa'at: The Islamic law has taken into consideration the question of compatibility and suitability between a man and a woman before contracting their marriage. The Shariat commands and approves Kafa'at (equality) between the two parties should be kept in mind and at the time of the marriage that man and woman who are close or equal to each other in respect of their morals, education, religious inclination, family ways and connections, culture and ways of living are more likely to develop a relation of affection, kindness and love. However it may not be taken as a mark of distinction for some families and disgrace for others. It is simply that the there should be maximum coordination, conformity and similarity of habits, qualities and socio-economic system between the partners so that they may be able to live together and maintain their relations cordinally and peacefully.

Seeing each other: This is another requirement of a marriage for it helps in developing love and affection between the married couple. Our Prophet has said: When one of you seeks to marry a woman and if he is able to have a look at the one he desires to marry, let him do so. Although it shows that only the man is asked to see the woman, Muslim scholars and jurists agree that a woman has an equal and similar right to see the man.