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Muslim Marriage in Nigeria

Marriage in Nigeria

Preludes Of The Wedding

In Nigeria marriage in facilitated by elders of the two families. The elders have a vital role to play and the family members of the groom visit the prospective bride's home with gifts of kola nuts and hot drinks. The giving of gifts signifies proposal in gesture and its acceptance thereby as the consent to the proposal by the bride. The second visit is for the prospective bride's family to be taken in her future husband's house for necessary social protocols after which yet another visit is paid by the groom's family. In that visit bride money is fixed with necessary terms and conditions at the desecration of the two families.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is held with decoration of the venue which may be held at a hotel or a community place.Some times large tents are set and neat rows of chairs are aligned and the guests take their seats.The feast is held there or near to the place of seating where people mingle and have a great time.

Nikah ceremony is held in which a sermon is read aloud, then the matrimonial contract drafted is then read in front of minimum two witnesses, a representative of bride generally her father or her guardian, clear specification of the bride money called mehr to the prospective bridegroom.Upon its consent, the marriage is solemnized.The groom is welcomed at the reception with flowers.The elders bless and pray for the well being of the couples.


The bride wears the typical wedding dress which may be a gown with lot of intricate works and other designs.The bridegroom may wear the traditional knee length with a head gear or it may also be simply an elegant suit.

The dresses like buba is worn which this is also a loose neck shirt, usually long enough to go halfway down the thighs,sokoto called as the lower part of the mens dressing synonymous with trousers, agbada an over garment worn ver buba and soloto.A wide armed clothing usually with a V shaped neck, and long enough to reach the floor the arms are so long that they need to be bunched together when worn.


The food is splendid like spice boiled Yams, Nigerian stew, with fish or chicken fillets, Jolls of rice, Greens stew,fried plantains known as dodo.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony comes to an end where the bridegroom leaves with his bride surrounded with friends and relatives.They bless the couples especially elders where the couples take blessings and then depart for new home.