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Muslim Marriage in Saudi Arabia

Preludes Of The Wedding

Marriage in Saudi Arabia is propagated by the elders of the prospective bride and the initiation of the proposal from the groom's side may be by himself to her father or through his parents. Generally womenfolk keep an eye for the eligible bride around like the groom's sister or mother who would look for the alliance as per his preference. After seeing an alliance, they would inform the prospective groom or the father of the groom who would then try to contact the family members of the groom.

If the girl's family has no objection to the man's proposal, she may or may not let in front of him so he may have a look at her. The man's consent is shown by the gifts which he would then give and the bride has every right to refuse if she does not want a go-ahead with this marriage alliance. In favourable note,after this the elders would sit down to sort out the preliminaries of the marriage conditions regarding the amount to be paid to the bride and other clauses. Three days before the wedding she bride is exclusively prepared with being anointed with all sorts of traditional oils and perfumes from head to toe. Her body is cleansed with conditioning oils etc and henna designs are exclusively drawn on her hands the night before wedding. Her trousseau has extensive jewelry, perfumes. Silk materials and other necessary items having being presented to her by the groom. Her sisters and other relatives enjoy sing songs and celebrate in a lavish way.

The Wedding Ceremony

A small ceremony would take place before the actual celebrations some time before where the marriage would be solemnized before a religious Sheikh who is a Islamic magistrate with three witnesses all male or two female and one male .The groom is inquired of what he is giving to the bride for her hand in marriage as mehr. The Celebrations would be held in some grand hotel with fabulous arrangement. There would be separate seating arrangement of the ladies and gents. Many a times the groom would be with his friends separately with all the songs and traditional singing going on and the after the feast the couples would be escorted to a place where they would sit together amid relatives and friends.


The bride adorns traditional dress known as Zaboun and yashmak, which is embroidered with silver thread. The dress may be white or of other varied colours.Women also attire in long cloak like dress with lower garment for underneath the cloak. Men wear traditional long dresses with head gear, and a square scarf for wearing over head. Also business suits and normal western wear too may be attired by the Saudis.


The variety of meat dishes are put which are like Al-Kabsa which is made of rice cooked with red or white meat or chicken in a pot. Also,lamb or chicken is prepared with rice, spices and water is barbecued in a deep hole in the ground.Grilled seasoned chicken or lamb too is a speciality in such occasions. Also there is a dish which is called saleeg which is another dish made by cooking rice with milk until the mixture becomes solid.Served hot with butter sprinkled over top of it. Lentils chick peas (hummus) and cracked wheat (burghul) are widely cooked.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding concludes when the time comes for the couples to leave the venue. When the couples leave the grooms friends and relatives accompany him with their own conveyances hooting and cheering. There is lot of excitement which lasts late till night.