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Muslim Marriage in sudan

Preludes Of The Wedding

The Muslim Wedding in Sudan has its own distinction in terms of customs and practices.

For the person intending to marry the prospective bride, he should be able to pay the bride wealth in terms of cattle generally rather than in terms of money. Now in modern practices money is given along with cattle, Kenyan shilling the preferred choice. The two sides of the families discuss the various clauses of marriage and come to a common agreement. The preparations are elaborate and the bride adorns henna designs on her hands.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is held with the sermon and then the mentioning of the marriage conditions in front of the guests and along with minimum two witnesses and the guardian of the bride. The sermon is recited by some elderly person. The bridegroom with garland of flowers and great zest

A ceremony the proceeds with fervor in front of a gargoyle fountain. Flowing water symbolizes flow of paternal love. Traditional songs are sung. A ceremony in which a bridegroom stands outside the entrance and the bride stands inside. The bridegroom requests for entrance into the bride's house, and he pronounces the shahadah confirming muslim faith This is done by the groom through vocalists accompanying him. After the wedding ceremony the couples are showered with wedding flowers to insure frangrant future for the couples.

A sawer, made of turmeric rice, coins and candy is thrown at the couple. Rice symbolizes prosperity, and yellow is for everlasting love. Coins remind the couple to share wealth with the poor. Candy signifies sweetness and fragrance upon their marriage. Seven candles are lit which means that the particular direction couple should follow for a happy married life. A betel nut is put close to couples for reminding that different traditions should not spoil a harmonious marriage.


The Sudanese dress up mostly in western clothes though they too have their own traditional identification, in the form of Jalabia which is is ankle length garment for men and toab ankle length for women. They are of light colors in men with the adoration of headgear along with it. Women have more bright and fancy colored.


Food savored in these occasions is varied. Some of their specialties are Shorba which is soup of lamb bones, chopped beef with tomato stuffing called maschi, salad with parmesan cheese called Salata Ma Jibna, Flava Beans, Green Hamburgers, ladies fingers-okra, Green leaf vegetable,ground meat balls, lentil soup etc. The celebration is marked with the folk music and traditional songs.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding concludes the bride then goes to her new home in a vehicle usually a car nowadays accompanies by the relatives of her husband.The couples are blessed by the elders of the family where the two take blessings from them with lots of wishes for prayer and well being in the matrimonial life.

After the reception hosted by the bride's side, another reception is hosted by the groom's side. The climatic and landscape diversity in Sudan is contrasting and their cultural values reflect a great deal of importance in their core values.