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Muslim Marriage in syria

Preludes Of The Marriage

In Syria the marriage proposal can be send by the groom to the parents of the girl requesting for her hand in marriage. Before yes or no, there can be series of negotiations over the various conditions of marriage like bride money called mehr, remarriage conditions for the groom, and her continuation of education if she is still a student and so on.

After all the preliminaries the date is fixed for the nikah, wedding ceremony.

The Wedding

The groom along with his nears and dears are welcomed with the beating of drums and huge cheer in the area meant for ceremony. Though the marriage ceremony is held in masjid or a community hall, beginning with the recitation of the Holy Quran, and hymns praising the prophet .Then after the sermon is recited with the terms and conditions of matrimonial contract, the acceptance of it concludes the ceremony though celebrations go on. The whole expenditure is met by the bridegroom including the wedding party and a dowry to be spent on clothing for the bride.

Though this all happens in the absence of the bride whose consent is already taken.


The bride is prepared with beautiful attire which is a flowing garment of called with intricate patters of design at the borders. Over it the bride wears a wedding cloak full covered with a hood.Men wear their traditional dress of long flowing robes in light color.

Alternatively they may wear western suits which suits the wedding occasion just fine nowadays.


The great treat awaits for the guests, if one happens be in the celebrations then dining is a memorable experience. With special recipes, kabab of lambs or beef, baklawa a kind of dessert of baked dough with walnut fillings, eggplant cooked with variety of sauces, spinach pies and much more are the specialties. The feast may be held at some venue where there is huge capacity for guests at a hotel or like.The newly weds are cheered and danced, while all those who attended go home with small packs of traditional "mulabbas" which are almond covered with sugar or some thing sweet

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding is concluded and the partying when the bride is escorted by her in-laws tp be taken along for her new home.There is great enthusiasm when the people and friend all join in prayers for a happy matrimonial life.