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Muslim Marriage in Tunis

Preludes of the Wedding

Tunis has its vivid display of traditional values in the form of dresses and other elaborate arrangements.Wedding in the country has elaborate arrangements.The parents look for their daughter in law and invite the prospective parents or pay visit to observe the mannerisms of the prospective bride.If they feel the alliance suitable for their son then they lay the proposal in front of the girl's parents.When the requisite formalities are done with ,goes to the house of the girl and pays the bride price and signs marriage contract. After that day of signing the contract, the bride is beautified and attired with beautiful dress.This usually happens two days before the wedding party. In Tunis the engagements are elaborate, and consent of parents is very essential for marriage.

The Wedding Ceremony

The religious figure, the Mufti comes to the house to solemnize the marriage and validate the matrimonial contract, instead of having the ceremony being held in mosque.The dress worn by bride is of varied colour of rich shades and flowing robes with covered with sequins and lot of gold jewelry and other decoration material. The hands are painted in henna richly decorated and traditional songs are sung.


Men attire themselves in diverse clothing from western clothes to traditional ones like thoab- those ankle length dresses with or without cap. The women wear dresses long gown type or two piece suits covering shoulders and arms.They are attired in long skirts with scarf .


The tunisian food is quite spicy which they people enjoy .Recipes such as Brik which are tiny parcels of minced lamb, beef or vegetable and an egg wrapped in thin pastry and deep fried. Chorba which is a soup with lots of pepper, Guenaoia, which is a lamb or beef stew with chillies, okra, sweet peppers and coriander In vegetable,spinach dish, yo yo donuts made with orange juice, deep fried and dipped in honey syrup such types are the specialities. They sing traditional songs over drum beats and there is lot of celebration flower arrange ments and dresses of rich and varied hues.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

After the wedding the bride goes to her husband's home amid lot of blessings and well wishes.The people rejoice with with great enthusiasm much to the witnessing of the whole neighbourhood and well wihes.