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Muslim Marriage in turkey

Preludes Of The Wedding

In Turkey the preparatory phase for the marriage begins by the exchange of pleasantries between the elders of the two families After the successions of such meetings, the conditions for forwarding the marriages are put up. Though the Civil law has its own parallel set of rules, for the marriage to be termed as valid, still there are people who opt for traditional way where the bride money meant to be paid to the bride is fixed. That is why some people opt to go through the ritual two times, one in a traditional way and another in accordance with the civil system to validate their marriage officially. Though in civil ceremony, basically the bride and groom have to swear vows before a civil judge and a government official, who does the registration of the marriage along with two witnesses, with relevant documents beforehand. The bride is dressed in white whereas the bridegroom in western suit. The celebration commensurate with a great feast and dance.

In traditional marriage the bride's consent is taken by her parents or guardians and then the premarital negotiations like that of bride money are dealt with. All the terms and conditions are laid beforehand Applying of Henna on hands is done by the nears and dears the day before the marriage. Depending upon the option it can be applied on feet, and on hair for dyeing.


The venue for the marriage function can be held up in a hotel or any convenient place. The sermon is recited on the day of marriage and the marriage is solemnized by clearly stating the amount of bride money and the consent taken from the bridegroom over it. There may be other conditions laid out like conditions of the bridegroom's second marriage if ever, the conditions for divorce if the things take a downward turn.

The gifts comprise of gold coins, gold jewelry and money and other trousseau.


The bride wears turkish gown generally being white in color,other wedding dresses too like those of varied colour patterns and designs are extensively used. The dresses worn have been quite influenced by the Europe dress culture where the men will wear elegant business suit for such occasions. Long sleeved dress with beautiful color patters are widely worn by women. The wearing of head scarf is controversial in Turkey.The brde


As for food, the Turkish Cuisine is great. Apart from light food like special Turkish bread savored with cheese, butter, honey, jam or olives, the main food comprises of delicious fresh sea fish which is generally fried, or baked and served with vegetables and fresh juice. Kebab which are meat pieces of lamb, chicken, and beef are roasted in charcoal. It is then served with rolled bread with salad and sauce.

Conclusion Of The Wedding Ceremony

After the wedding party the couples leave for traditional songs and other festivities.After which they depart with lot of well wishes of nears and dears.

The reception hosted by the grooms family too has a charm of its own with the wonderful cuisine with long lasting memories.