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Preludes Of The Wedding

The wedding date marks the beginning of festivities at both bride and groom's homes. Numbers of elaborate ceremonies are organized.
The bride stays indoors for forty day prior to her marriage.Fine pieces of jewelry, silk materials, perfumes and other necessary items are presented to her by the groom, for trousseau of the bride.Henna ceremony is held where all the female relative of the bride come and have a great get togther and put on the henna on the hands of the bride. The conditions for marraiage set and the amount of money to be paid to the bride are all decided.

The Wedding

The wedding is generally an awesome event where there is a lot of turn out of guests and a great arrangement and what not.Generally the people will try to make it most faboulous and luxurious event.The dinners are lavish with huge decoration and flower arrangements.The wedding ceremony marked by Nikah is held in Masjid or some luxurious hotel and there is great


The bride looks pretty in her wedding dress which is a fabolous gown laced with beautiful borders and frills.The bridegroom may wear a thoab with or a coat or a typical gown worn over it. Women wear two piece dress and with scarf and an abaya or an outer garment which is usually black in color.Men may wear from, ankle length dresses to western suits or formal wear.


In UAE,Arabic Mezze is favourite.It is savoured with hand and bread to scoop up the food.Chicken shawarma is also a speciality which is meat from spit kebab.Falafel made from mashed chickpeas and spices and rolled into balls.It is then eaten with spicy aubergines,bread and hummus.One dish which is of meat and spices in a tomato sauce is favourite too.So on goes the list in wedding parties liek spiced lamb with rice, a type of bread pudding, a kind of cheese cake ...all this offers a great chance to satiate the taste buds. UAE people like to drink coffee a lot and its common also in wedding ceremonies.

Conclusion of The Wedding Ceremony

After a great feast fun and laughter, the bride groom leaves with his new bride amid huge gathering of family members and others.