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Muslim Marriages in Yemen

Preludes Of The Wedding

In a strict conservative Yemeni society bride and groom are selected by their respective families. Mother usually selects a girl after consultation with the husband and other male members of the family. Then they consult their son for the wedding.
Father and son take proposal to the girl's family and discuss the matter. Father of the girl after holding discussions with the family accepts the proposal and day is fixed for the engagement. Usually the date selected is Thursday or Friday. The groom's family goes to the house of the girl with gifts, raisins and ring. Then the date for the wedding and Maher amount is discussed.
The Maher amount is spend on jewelry and clothes for the bride. It also includes other valuable things which remain girls' property even after marriage.

The Wedding

The wedding usually lasts for three days starting from Wednesday when the marriage contract is signed in the presence of Qazi.A senior official to register marriage
The bridegroom throws raisins on the carpet. All the friends and relatives try to pick up maximum raisins signaling happy future for the couple. People also give money to the couple as gift. The most significant part of the wedding is Laylat az-Zaffa which is the lavish public feast where guests and relatives come for sumptuous meal.
Bridegroom and his relatives offer Friday prayers before the feast. All this is accompanied by singing and dancing. The relatives wish the couple with Allah's blessing for their happy married life.


The bride wears traditonal wedding dress which is a long garment with beautiful and intricate designs on it or it may even be a modern outfit.Women wear long elegant dresses with scarves and an outer covering.


Seafood, haradha which is a minced meat and pepper dish, Marag Lahm which is meat soup, Hanid (lamb meat cooked in special oven with lots of spices kabsa which is a rice with lamb meat.

Conclusion of The Wedding Ceremony

The bride and bridegroom leave with huge number of friends who cheer with beating of drums and singing traditional songs on the way .They take blessings of the elders and rejoice all the way to their destination.